Wednesday, 2 May 2012

End the EU Airport Queue.

Though still relatively young, I retain the romantic notion that citizens of a country should be able to get in to their country with greater ease than those from outside of it.

Of course with Britain's luxurious EU membership, British nationality has been diluted to the extent that my romance has been mugged by political reality. I am an EU national and have the same ability to travel into the UK as a Pole, Spaniard or Frenchman. I must also queue with them to get into my country.

Brits complain about the long waiting times into the UK. But if we're queuing with the rest of the EU, of course it'll take hours. The EU's expansion now encompasses hundreds of millions of citizens, treat as a blue and gold-starred bloc.

It says a lot about the Conservatives' acceptance and implementation of the EU project that they do not object, let alone seek to reform, this ridiculous situation. Bringing in a UK queue into the country would show that we have our priorities right and that we are still a nation with a degree of independence and self-control. Alas, we are living in an EU-controlled Europe, a truly bastardised form of the nation state.


sunburntpom said...

Too right mate! And why do the grandchildren of WW2 Aussie and Kiwi pilots have to queue with dross from Eastern Euopean gypo camps?

invest in bamboo said...

Truthly unbelievable, agreed. At least in the States, there is a line specifically reserved for Americans. Then again, it must be said that the Americans would never join a union like the EU anyway!

Steve Fowler said...

In Australia right now and I can you the the English speaking nations of the Common wealth have got it right here!.

Australian/New Zealand citizens in one queue and other citizens of the world in one queue. They've got their prioritizes right here unlike the mother country Britain. said...

Steve: Its a kind of political correctness, multiculturalism run amok. A lack of confidence in one's own culture and history, which frankly speaking is more among the gov't then the British people as a whole.