Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Why are we subservient to a European Court?

Oh thank you European Court of Human Rights in all your wonders for allowing us to extradite Abu Hamza and other terrorist vermin. Seriously, has it come to this?

Our own elected politicians and so-called British 'Supreme Court' have been exposed as a charade on this issue as a group of foreign judges sat and pondered whether Hamza could be extradited or not. Frankly it should have nothing to do with them. It's like they sit there in Strasbourg running our country....oh wait.

Sovereignty and self-determination may seem like technical and boring subjects. But they matter so much. The British people deserve better than for scumbags like Abu Hamza to be protected by foreign red tape that our citizens detest and who our politicians try and tinker with pathetically.

This bureaucratic age of overarched human rights that has led to the bastardisation of national sovereignty will soon be consigned to the dustbin of history once we leave the EU and decide that our own judiciary can make these calls and be accountable for them. Until that day, Westminster appears increasingly weak, pathetic and unwilling to stand up and reassert itself as long as Cameron, Miliband and other weaklings remain the main voices.


magster said...

Trying once more as your blog won't accept me for whatever reason.
Great news, first re-action then nah we cant have a decision go our way, that's not the way it is. He will appeal and no doubt win his case and then let's see what our ineffectual Home Secretary does about it ?

martinned said...

Yes! Out with Foreign red tape! British people deserve proper British red tape!

magster said...

British Red Tape must be of a finer quality than the foreign muck, but of course three times the price.
Don't forget to keep praying to Allah that the decision will hold. My God lets me down too much