Friday, 27 April 2012

UKIP's popularity seems to have exploded.

Nevermind yet another YouGov opinion poll putting UKIP at 9%, level with the LibDems, despite far less media coverage.

Last night's Question Time performance from Nigel Farage saw something very unusual happen. Twitter exploded in reaction to Farage as always, but this time, this time the number of people with favourable comments seemed to have shot up.

People every few minutes were saying that it was UKIP for them. That they'd had enough of the rest of them. Critically, Nigel Farage was not just tapping into disaffection, it was positively swinging behind him and his Party. Tweet after tweet of new supporters, particularly young people, announced that they had joined UKIP.

I have never seen anything like it online in British politics. The opinion polls can be scoffed out, but the evidence is out there. Whether you look at YouGov's daily polls which have had UKIP as the third party, or Survation's recent survey which has the Party on course for 2 London Assembly seats, something is really going on out there in the run up to May 3rd.

Oh, and if you really doubt what I'm saying, then you may like to know that UKIP beat the Conservatives, LibDems and Labour to win a by-election in Seaford last night. A sign of things to come?


Ken Hall said...

I cannot remember the last time I saw a politician trending on twitter due to a surge in support and in praise of what he was saying.

#FarageFever was trending last night.

Mind you, he was the only one speaking sense, and he was up against Simon Hughes, the appalling Polly Toynbee, the racist Dianne Abbott and a very grey and dull tory.

It was a stark contrast between the arrogant, old, tired, corrupt 20th century politics of the rest of the panel and the fresh, honest, energetic truthful 21st century politics of UKIP.

FloTom said...

I think UKIP could do very well in May.

They need to make more of their English Parliament proposal though and the benefits it would bring to the English.

Steve. said...

They can slow UKIP down but they will not stop us!.

Jim said...

We're really starting to get somewhere now, so much so that the Tories have had their sock puppets beating us up in the Telegraph, not that it's done them much good as most of the comments under these "articles" have been very supportive of UKIP and dismissive of the author.

BJ said...

Please, no triumphalism.

Just keep pumping out the message and making the arguments.

I don't want hopes to build up and then have a 'neil kinnock moment'.