Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Will Roger Helmer join UKIP?

The public far and wide on Twitter and elsewhere have long advised Conservative MEP Roger Helmer that he would be far happier in UKIP. He's long been incredibly sound on the issue of the EU, ignoring the pathetic Tory line of reform and going his own way. Beginning his career as an MEP as an EU reformist, it didn't take him long to realise that Britain would be better off out.
Politicians who go against the grain deserve respect. Helmer is clearly a man of strong will and a backbone, two qualities most politicians lack nowadays. Now he is standing down as a Tory MEP, another last remnant of true Tory Euroscepticism is being ripped away. Daniel Hannan now stands alone as the sole Conservative MEP who believes in EU withdrawal.

Will he join UKIP? Personally I think its inevitable. Mr. Helmer probably viewed defecting while sitting in the European Parliament as not right. But I suspect he recognises that now he disagrees with "nine-tenths" of what the Tory Party comes out with, he knows that he has far more in common with Nigel Farage than David Cameron.

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Anonymous said...

Yoo were right he finally jopined UKIP.