Friday, 21 October 2011

The time has come for true Conservatives to come home to UKIP.

It must be hard being a Eurosceptic Tory. There you are telling the public on the streets that you'll renegotiate this, repatriate that, solve the economy and limit immigration. Meanwhile your Party Leader back in Westminster plays politics, making the odd Eurosceptic murmur but in actual fact handing more powers to Brussels and hailing a £400m+ annual increase in the UK's contribution to the EU's coffers as an amazing achievement.

Worst of all though, David Cameron has finally had to come out and show the world what type of Prime Minister he is. One who supports foreign interventions in civil wars that have nothing to do with the hard-up British taxpayers who of course foot the bill, while denying the British people a say over their own country's future.

Like an out of touch dictator, Cameron isn't simply arguing that majority opinion is wrong and that Britain staying in the EU is vital. He is saying that the public should not get any say in the matter whatsoever.

This is a far cry from the Prime Minister that Tory candidates, members and voters up and down the country were backing to win in 2010. A man so afraid that the UK may withdraw from the EU if a referendum were to be had, and that his potential grandstanding as some sort of European leader may be damaged, that he seeks to shut down any debate or dissent.

It is important to remember that Cameron is not simply opposing an In/Out referendum, but one which would also include the supposed Conservative policy of renegotiation. Here is a man scared to death, reacting with a three line whip that will alienate many of his Party's MPs.

But it is what those MPs and indeed MEPs watching from Brussels do that must set them apart. A number of Conservative Party members have already defected to UKIP this week. They have the advantage of not relying on a Parliamentary salary. Yet it seems rich for Tory MPs with genuine anti-EU feeling who support EU withdrawal to simply sulk and whinge from the sidelines. Things have gone too far.

Cameron and the inner circle at the top of the Conservative Party are pro-EU, anti-referendum. They have achieved nothing with regards to EU renegotiation and pathetically use their alliance with the Liberal Democrats as a feeble excuse. One gets the impression that David Cameron isn't using Nick Clegg as a human shield, more like a human teddy bear.

It is time that those genuinely principled Tory MPs who are going against a three line whip on Monday go further. They must truly put country before anything else and help UKIP become the radical alternative that  the British public are crying out for by defecting and giving an outright anti-EU voice in the House of Commons. Arguing for a more hardline EU policy within the Conservative Party has tried and failed just as surely as any policy of EU renegotiation has. They are both arguments which must be consigned to the dustbin of history.

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