Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Dave's Dam is Cracking

Tough in opposition, weak in government. David Cameron's game of playing up defence, law and order and Eurosceptic credentials in order to get into government only to then turn his back on such tough stances using the Liberal Democrats as human shields isn't going to work.
The fundamental realignment in British politics over the last decade or so now means that right-wingers in the Conservative Party who feel the leadership has moved away from their beliefs now have a place to go. Politics in Britain no longer rotates around a rigid two or even three Party system. Though some scoff, UKIP's real resilience and growth lies within the fact that it is no longer obsessed only with the EU issue.

What does it mean? Well it means that former senior Tories such as Lord Hesketh now have a viable alternative to funnel their considerable experience and fundraising skills into. As his interview with Simon Heffer reveals, Hesketh joined UKIP because of its stance on defence, human rights, education and taxation in addition to UKIP's anti-EU stance.

That should terrify David Cameron and buoy UKIPers far and wide. If former Chief Whips and Treasurers of the Conservative Party think Nigel Farage's barmy army aren't as barmy as the media like to make out, then it is likely to turn other unhappy Conservative heads. Now wouldn't that be good for our country?

David Cameron's charade of centrist, non-conviction, make it up as you go along politics needs to be consigned to the dustbin. With people like Lord Hesketh deserting the Tory Party, UKIP's momentum could see it breakthrough in Westminster sooner rather than later.

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