Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Welcome to the post-democratic era.

Peter Mandelson's post-democratic era driven by the European Union really is here. A recent meeting between Irish MEPs and the EU's Economic Commissioner Olli Rehn to talk about the economic situation in Ireland had to be held in secret, with the contents of what Rehn said having to be confidential. In other words MEPs were barred from telling their constituents of the EU's plans and approach to their financial crisis. Irish MEP Paul Murphy was kicked out of the meeting after refusing to keep the contents of the meeting a secret. Shame on those MEPs who went along with this charade, cosying up to the EU's elite rather than doing their job and representing the people of their country.

Either I'm going barmy, or this is the type of politics has never been done before in such a blatantly anti-democratic manner.


Steve Allison said...

Secrecy and behind closed doors meetings are the norm in most local authorities in the UK. Just try looking up the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985. Mind you, if you really want to experience a behind closed doors meeting then just try and explain to anyone what goes on in a UKIP NEC Meeting lol

Michael Heaver said...

That may be Steve, but your average local Council meeting is unlikely to impact upon the economic well-being of an entire nation!