Friday, 11 March 2011

UKIP on 11% and beating the LibDems in London in latest YouGov poll.

UKIP's 7% showing for those aged 18- 24 is another impressive showing for the Party among young people. What is most extraordinary though is the Party's 11% showing for London.

That's ahead of the Liberal Democrats and would be a flabbergastingly good performance if it actually came to fruition. Though this may just be a rogue poll, if the Party could approach such a performance next year, then UKIP could pick up 3 seats on the Greater London Assembly and become the third biggest Party in London in the process.

UKIP is also leading the LibDems by 6% to 5% in the "North". How interesting that YouGov are now putting UKIP third down in the "others" section, despite usually ranking via polling numbers.

Think these showings are impossible? Fair enough. But how many predicted that UKIP would thrash the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives in Barnsley?


Anonymous said...

It is rapidly coming to the stage when U.K.I.P. should no longer be classed as one of the 'others' but should rank alongside the Lib/Lab/Con parties in the main part of the YouGov pollos.

Xopher said...

What would be the effect of principled tory MPs, fed up of broken referendum promises and Cameron's dismissal of tory membership opinion, defecting to UKIP?
No need to wait for an election, UKIP could have a voice in Parliament.
Am I dreaming or are there some who are far from happy?

Nigel Carter said...

A forlorn hope, your dream, however unhappy some are. Deserters don't desert until it is obvious which side their bread is buttered and how much more successful the new winners are becoming that the new winners don't actually need them. Rats desert a sinking ship for a better one. When they apply to switch we should ignore them, because at that point we will no longer need them, they will be needing us...and do we need unreliable people who 1. Get it wrong, and 2. Desert their party at the drop of a hat and will just as easily desert back if the wind changes?! Their sort are toxic to a united party, expecting privileges they haven't earned and upsetting the loyalists. We must grow our own support, their is no shortcut. Even talking about the prospect of an easy way, undermines resolve and holds us back. Back what you believe in and welcome support. There's no need to sell our soul. If you want join. nc27jun11