Monday, 24 January 2011

YouGov: UKIP outpolling LibDems...

Well at least among those aged 18 - 24 in the latest YouGov poll. As the LibDems are shown to be supported by 7% of 18 - 24 year old's, UKIP are on a whooping 8% from the age bracket.

Okay, so its one poll and polls can throw up rogue results. But it is still to my knowledge the only time UKIP has ever polled as the third Party amongst the youngest bracket of voters. As Chairman of the Party's youth wing, I am of course delighted.

It is quite simple: UKIP want a 21st century Britain that has sensible trade deals with European nations as well as the Commonwealth and the big developing economic powerhouses like China and Brazil. We also want a return to academic selection, the abolition of tuition fees, a flat tax, a sensible immigration system and a whole host of other common sense, straight talking policies. We are a Party that is forward-looking and that has a radical outlook as to how a 21st century Britain could and should be.

It appears that that message is finally getting through to young voters, long may it continue.


Ed said...

I guess this show's the madness of any cut to the education budget.

Anonymous said...

Please keep campaigning. I have really hoped for as long as UKIP has been with us that many many more people will switch. I have noticed that there is never enough coverage in normal day to day life to inspire people to believe that this is the alternative to the Tories and Labour parties.

Lee Allen said...

Great to see that we are polling this amongst young people. Hopefully this pushes higher as we continue to push our excellent policies on Grammar Schools, School Credits and of course fee-less Universities.

Ross Taylor said...

Excellent. As an 18 year old grammar school student, it's delightful to see the Blue Lib Dems in 4th, rightfully behind UKIP

Jeremy said...

It is great to see that younger voiters are turning to UKIP. What the coming generation does not realise is the awful committment that the other parties are making for their future welafre by staying in the EU. They must be told that apart from paying back £thousands for their university fees , they will also be paying up to/over £1000/year extra on their food bills because of EU taxes and to cap it all they will be working their back-sides off ALL their working lives to support and pay for up to 100 million EU pensioners. In fact they will be made to work into their 70's so that Greeks etc can retire in their 50's. This is what voting for the Lab/Lib Dem/Con parties REALLY means.
I urge you all to vote UKIP and even better join UKIP now!
Jerry Wraith

Ian said...

Ed, the cuts to the education budget have only just happened. How do you explain your use of the apostrophe in the word shows?
If young people have the brains to realise that UKIP is a genuine alternative to the three old failed parties, they should be commended NOT ridiculed, especially by someone whose grasp of punctuation is not that secure!!

Anonymous said...

Not only in the 18-24 group but also in the C2DE group as well.

I note with delight that we have picked up 3 Conservatives, 3 Labour and 3 Liberal Democrats from the 2010 General Election vote. This proves that our support comes from all political parties and not just from the Conservatives.

Brittopic said...

Your caveat about rogue polls was well-founded. Today's YouGov poll ( shows UKIP polling '0' amongst 18-24 year-olds. That's not only behind the Lib Dems, but behind the BNP, Greens, SNP and Plaid Cymru.

The latest result is more consistent with most previous YouGov polling from December and January which puts UKIP between 0-3% of 18-24 year olds.

At 88 respondents, there was an unusually low number of 18-24 year-olds in the sample (there are between 120 and 150 in most other polls) so I would suggest that this extreme outlier was the result of a disproportionate response from the sample group (UKIP responses held up whilst overall responses went down) in a single poll.

Nice spin, though.

Charles said...

Mmmmm, rogue polls.

The most cheering thing about going to several hustings in the 2009 election, was the hostility the youth were showing to their UKIP reps - who continually peddled demonstrable falsehoods, rumour, and innuendo which the students were too smart to fall for. Long may it continue, in our union of free trade, with a democratically elected assembly passing the regulatory laws - which UKIP want to scrap.

DeeDee99 said...

Not only will our students be paying for their own fees, but if we stay in the EU, they will (as taxpayers) be paying for students from the EU who take UK Government loans and don't pay them back.

Our young people will be in the ludicrous position of paying £9000 a year in tuition fees, whilst EU students will effectively get away scot free.

Brittopic said...

Charles, whilst I agree with you that UKIP has a credibility gap which it needs to fill in order to be convincing, I think that you should show some of that being 'too smart to fall' when it comes to the EU.

The Commission, which has the sole power of initiation of these regulatory laws, is not elected. The Council of Ministers is not directly elected to serve in that capacity and the European Parliament enjoys turnout of less than half EU-wide and, in regards to the UK, of little over a third. I would not be at pains to call such an institution legitimate in exercising its 'democratic' mandate, especially as the powers of the Parliament as extended by the Lisbon Treaty were not put before the British public as promised when they were the very same powers under the European Constitution.

Also, Charles, to portray the EU as simply a free-trade area with a body responsible for regulation rather misses the point of what the European Project is trying to achieve by this process - a federated Europe. How does a European Investigation Order keep my tomatoes tariff-free and its growers well-paid?