Thursday, 20 May 2010

UKIP - we are here to stay!

I've spoken about this lots of times before, but it still bugs the hell out of me. Oh little UKIP, just a political irrelevance shaped like a single-issue Tory pressure group, say the Tory media. The Telegraph are at it again, talking up UKIP's potential to influence and damage the Tories.

Obsessed we in UKIP are perceived to be about the issue of the EU, and I can understand why to a point. We certainly don't help ourselves at times. But the days of UKIP caring solely about the EU are well and truly gone and never coming back. And as scary as it may be to some of the pro-Tory old guard, I as youth Chairman of UKIP wouldn't consider the Party's work to be done when we leave the European Union. Not even close.

Just as on the EU, in fields like education, tax, crime and immigration, a consensus has developed in Westminster and it has spread into the pours of this country, poisoning our political system and paralysing the British public into apathy by offering no real choice. It is only UKIP that wants grammar schools, flat tax, a massive expansion in prison places and a firm but fair immigration policy. The Tories least of all can be trusted to bring about any of this in the future - only a UKIP government with a UKIP Cabinet and UKIP Prime Minister can bring that about. It may take decades, but guess what? I'm 20 and I've got plenty of time and effort to give, as have many new UKIP members who want a full political revolution in this country, and NOT just when it comes to the EU. We are not going anywhere, EU or no EU.


Tom said...

You may only be 20 Michael, but you have the maturity, understanding and above all, the COMMONSENSE, to see what is happening, and to DO something about it.

Stay with us Michael, we need you, and thousands like you, wherever they are !

Junius said...

Tom, Are you having a laugh?

Elaine said...

Excellent post Michael. This is the UKIP I believe in and you have articulated my sentiments so well. UKIP is the way forward and is NOT a single issue Tory pressure group. I support you fully.

All Seeing Eye said...

I think, Michael, you also occasionally slip into the trap.

wouldn't consider the Party's work to be done

The work of a Party with a full agenda and set of values will never find its work 'done' because, even with full implementation you must still defend them against the onslaught of the Left.

UKIP are already doing a good job emphasising postive non-EU related policies (flat tax - fantastic), and for that we should be grateful. Your more tricky task is moving away from being cast in the minds of the broader electorate as just a rebellious wing of the Conservatives.