Thursday, 6 May 2010

A surreal one.

I was expecting today to be focused on exit polls, newspaper headlines and election predictions. Instead, the man who inspired me to first get involved in politics and is a true hero of mine has been lucky escape a plan crash alive.

People can say what they like about Nigel Farage. But at least you know where you stand with him. The key I think to where the likes of Brown and Cameron have gone wrong nowadays is that they are too scared to offend anyone. Nigel isn't like that. He knows that people are going to disagree with what he says and what he stands for. But knowing that and saying what you feel anyway makes you much more likeable to those who do agree with you. It also makes them a lot more loyal and staunch in their support which is why UKIP is at times more like a family than a political Party to me.

Thank God that Nigel and the pilot of the plane are both alright. My day today has gone from one of politics to of reflection. Whatever happens tonight, life will go on. And I will be proud to continue to stand alongside Nigel Farage, fighting the good fight.

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