Saturday, 29 May 2010

Laws should go.

How very disappointed the constituents of David Laws must be. Many thought he was "one of the good guys" as shown time and time again on TV reports today in his constituency in Yeovil. Yet instead this fast-rising star has been exposed as being the same as all the rest, paying his partner £950 a month in rent. Anyone who says Laws has done anything other than pad out his partner's bank account to the tune of £40k with payments that were illegal from 2006 onwards is being very generous.

With the public already baying for blood post-Expensesgate, having figures tainted by such dodgy goings-on in such prominant positions in the government is a recipe for disaster.

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Nick said...

Rumour has it that Laws has resigned (Cons Home, Spectator). I believe this is the honourable (or at best the least-dishonourable) thing to have done, rather than leave kicking and screaming, or simply not caring at all (like so many before him).