Thursday, 20 May 2010

Cameron kicks the crap out of his conservative MPs.

What is the point of having a quasi-Tory government with a Tory Prime Minister when the whole agenda is skewed towards being anything but conservative? Yesterday we had Nick Clegg admitting what UKIP has been saying for years, that both he and Cameron say the same thing using different words. Today we have David Cameron successfully curbing the backbench influence of the 1922 Committee, with it now effectively hijacked by Cameron loyalists and front benches arse-kissers. It is supposed to be a independentish body to help Tory backbenchers hold the government to account. No longer will it be so.

Of course David Cameron is not stupid and wouldn't dream of allowing those Tory MPs with crazy ideas like withdrawing from the EU, restoring grammar schools and bringing in flat tax - you know, all that nasty conservative stuff - from having a voice and holding to him account and has effectively taken down a lot of backbench influence with this move. What sickens me is that the result - 168 to 118, means that a lot of backbenchers have helped Cameron. I bet a lot of these are the newbie MPs who ConservativeHome have been endlessly hyping as "Thatcher's children" and "independent thinkers". No, just more career politicians bribed by empty Cameron promises. Party before country, self before principle. How could any self-respecting small-c conservative join the modern day Tories who are clearly so anti-conservative?


Tcheuchter said...

I suggest UKIP work very hard on converting the dissident Conservative MPs.

Even if it achieves no converts, word will get around & might have a beneficial effect.

All Seeing Eye said...

Tcheuchter - start with what should be formed as the 2010 Committee (membership: 118)

At least you know they have principles.