Sunday, 4 April 2010

Lets get things into perspective.

No doubt opponents of UKIP will be do everything they can to whip up a giant storm about the fact that Party Leader Lord Pearson and MEP Stuart Agnew have been caught by the Sunday Times giving advice on how donors can remain anonymous. Was it wrong? Yes. It was wrong because it creates the wrong impression to the public and UKIP need to be as transparent as possible in everything we do.

Yet donors wanting to give money anonymously to political parties is somewhat understandable. Those with jobs where they cannot be seen to be actively involved in having a strong political affiliation, or those who do want to disclose the fact that they earn x amount of money, I do have sympathy with. I can imagine if I was a rich businessman I would be somewhat reluctant for my dear old wife to see how much I was handing over to the Party! Perhaps a better system would be for people to be able to opt-out of having their name released publicly, but with the Electoral Commission still getting the info in order for them to ensure everything is above board.

So lets be very clear. While I'm sure The Sunday Times are delighted with their smear operation, this is nowhere near the same level as what has been going on in Westminster with those who have been selling their influence or abusing taxpayer's money. If giving information to help those who want to donate to political parties but remain anonymous is the worse UKIP can be exposed of doing, we're doing pretty well. Especially in the current political climate.


Norfolk Blogger said...

But one of your party's USP is that it is "not like the other parties". With each new sleaze allegation against your party, this difference is less and less.

Loet's not forget Tom Wise and the other UKIPers caught before.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I should add that I have met Stuart Agnew on a number of occasions and have always found him to be very much the gentleman and extremelely personable.