Monday, 5 April 2010

Johnson Beharry is a great man.

I have always been of the view that actions speak louder than words. And from speaking to friends I have in the army, Labour have helped decimate our armed forces, sending them into war on a peace time budget. This is not partisan hyperbole, but the reality for many young people I know personally who have complained that compared to their counterparts in America, the funding they receive is an insult. Of course, they are not allowed to talk about such matters in public. Their disgust and contempt must be held privately as they continue to risk their lives doing their jobs.

Johnson Beharry is a man I have much admiration for. The first man to win the Victoria Cross for decades, he is a war hero and saved many of his comrades in Iraq in an exchange I don't think written description could ever do justice.

He has today revealed that he snubbed Gordon Brown at Rememberance Day last year, disgusted at Brown's "disrespect" of the armed forces. I find it deeply touching that a man as respected and well-known as Mr. Beharry, a man now rubbing shoulders with the likes of Gordon Brown, still has the character to stand up for what he believes in. Too many in this world get dazed by the bright lights and taken aback with starry-eyes once they have any sort of public profile, but Beharry has done himself and his many comrades in the army proud by giving Brown a real taste of just how held in contempt his government now is.

The government may be able to blag to the public that they are funding the army properly, but our boys and girls who are serving know the reality. How proud I am that UKIP has put a massive emphasis in its manifesto on defence spending, one of the few areas where we would increase government spending. It is badly required.

It is little wonder that the British Army is still the finest in the world when you consider men like Johnson Beharry are among its ranks.


Frugal Dougal said...

Hear hear - well said!

Twig said...

Will this be the reason most of our troops will not be allowed to vote then?