Friday, 20 November 2009

The post-democratic era?

Herman Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton are now the President and High Representative. And who, exactly, voted for them to hold such roles? It was decided by our beloved leaders. In Britain's case, a man who has only ever been elected by the constituents of a small Scottish constituency and has not been elected by even his Party nor the public as Prime Minster.

Perhaps this is what was meant by Peter Mandelson when he said we may be approaching the post-democratic era, where power is taken away from the people and made on behalf of them on a scale so far remove that the people's feelings and thoughts don't even matter any more. It is only the men and women backed by the millions of their respective Party machine that get to make the decisions now.

Of course Baroness Ashton has achieved a first, becoming one of, if not the most powerful British politician in the world without having been elected to anything, ever.

How very clever as well for a British High Representative to have been selected. Ashton will now represent Britain and France on the UN Security Council when there is a common EU policy. To the naked eye then, Britain will still be represented by a Brit while the French push for EU integration on security and defence anyway. I suspect that is the main reason Ashton got selected.

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