Saturday, 20 June 2009

Only UKIP can stop the BNP.

Unfortunately the British National Party has had two MEPs elected. Predictably cries around Westminster, and skirmishes involving far-left activists have taken place. The fact is though that whatever David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Eric Pickles or Unite Against Fascism say or do, there is only one way to truly take on and destroy the BNP.

It will not be done by throwing toys out of the pram and bombarding the BNP with insults, as tempting as this may be. Similarly, Westminster politicians helping the BNP look like a bullied anti-establishment party will not help, especially in the current climate where what our politicians say is held in such low regard.

The solution, the answer, is simple. Listen. Act. There has not suddenly been a huge surge in racism in the UK. The BNP's growth is thanks largely to justifiable concearns of overpopulation and immigration in Britain. A large chunk of this problem is the elephant in the room that is immigration from Eastern European countries, thanks to its cast-iron link with the issue of our EU membership. It is a disgrace that Brown and Cameron talk down the BNP but propose no means of stopping people voting for them. Labour have realised what a mess they have made of immigration and now discriminate against non-EU citizens who want to come to work and live in this country. Yet on the topic of EU immigration, those in Westminster are utterly silent. They are collectively turning their backs on the problem of the BNP. Fine words are one thing, but policy and action is quite another.

Thankfully UKIP isn't living in a dream world where the BNP will just melt away. 13 MEPs being elected for the party is great, but with BNP MEPs sitting in the European Parliament, we must re-double our efforts to promote the fact that UKIP offers a policy of controlled immigration based on the systems used in Australia, America and Canada, but utterly rejects racism, bigotry and discrimination on the grounds of race or anything else.

What a strange country we live in where the only party which is non-racist, wants border controls and which is capable of destroying the BNP, is one that didn't even exist until 1993.

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